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Animals and Influence

Stagos / Animals and Influence

The 12 Animals and Their Influence

The day you are born translates into 8 characters

that become your NATAL CHART

Did you know that you have more than 1 animal in your chart?

These Chinese placemats make you think that you have 1 animal

When if fact, you may have 4

Every animal and its placement within the chart influences the way you behave

the opportunites that come to you

what you’ve learned from your family of origin that shaped who you are…

and so much more.

The most valuable aspect of your chart

is knowing



Now that is a precious gift!

Knowing who you are puts you

in command of your life.

Which Animal can Influence You the Most?

The DAY column influences you the most.

It reveals WHO YOU ARE,

how you communicate and

operate in your closest relationships

Find out what your day animal is

You are half way through the year.

It is useful to reflect how you’ve done so far…

Are you where you want to be?

Can you make it better?

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