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Author: rahuladmin

Stagos / Articles posted by rahuladmin

The Four Celestial Guardians

Animals have been highly regarded by all cultures from the beginning of time. History shows us many examples of this symbiotic relationship. Before the written word was available to everyone, animals were used as symbols to embody certain characteristics in people through astrology, a practice still widely used today. In ancient times the relationship between humans beings, and animals had no boundaries, as human beings where closer to nature and communed peacefully in cooperation with each other. Although times have changed, the teachings from animals continue. Nowadays the teachings are in the form of animal symbolism, meanings, totem, and spiritual guidance. This teaching, and symbolism, is also used in Feng Shui. One of the core concepts of Feng Shui is derived from the Form School. This concept...


The Year of the Sheep

The Chinese New Year begins on Wednesday, February 18 at 5:47 pm CST and will be celebrated all week-end. It is the most widely celebrated and important traditional holiday throughout China and other Asian cities and countries worldwide. Referred to as the start of the “Lunar New Year”, the beginning of the Chinese New Year changes every year because it is based on the solar/lunar calendar. The element this year is Wood, the energy is Yin. It is a continuation of last year’s Wood Horse year, but with a softer and less fiery edge. It is predicted that this year’s gentler energies will have a lasting effect because it is setting the foundation for years to come. The analysis below combines ancient formulas used in Traditional Feng Shui...


Spring Cleaning

Spring has started and with it an expectation of renewal, manifestation and celebration. Now is the best time to do some spring cleaning to help strengthen our personal energy as well as the energy of our home and environment. A good way to start is by de-cluttering your whole space, especially main spaces. - Main entrance. Now that the weather is warming up, clean up any dead plants, grasses and debris. Does the area feel welcoming? Are the outdoor lights working? Is the foyer clear to allow strong CHI to enter our space? - Bedrooms and bathrooms. They are one of the areas that have a great effect on our health. Are the areas under the bed clear? Clean up drawers and closets at this time to allow...


Insights on Water and Feng Shui

Water is one of the most important elements in Feng Shui. In the Chinese alphabet, the character of Feng means "Air" and Shui means "Water". One of the basic principles of Feng Shui is the Five Element Theory. The five elements are: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. When the elements are in harmony, we have a well balanced home. When the elements are properly placed, we can have protection or enhancement of the energies of the year. Water symbolizes the season of winter. Fire symbolizes the season of summer. In Feng Shui, we balance and reinforce the energy of an environment by using shapes, ( rectangle, triangle, square, circle and waves) elements ( wood, fire, earth, metal and water) and colors associated with the area...