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Author: rahuladmin

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Pets, our energy detectives

We all have an understanding that animals have a heightened sense. They perceive things that most of us don’t. This year’s energies are transitioning. Old energies are waning and the new energies are starting on a strong note. Energetically, we are at the dawn of new energies, the twilight before the sunrise. Odd things started happening in our home. Symptoms 1) Our dog Elsa was waking up numerous times in the middle of the night with diarrhea. This happened 3 nights in a row before I found a solution. 2) My husband was complaining about stomach pains. He was turning down chocolate, a rare sign for him 3) I was accident prone, I kept getting cuts and bruises very easily. They often happened in the blink of an eye and in unusual situations. The...


The Power of Fire

Fire is the strongest element in the US for 2018. Recent events have shown the power of fire manifested in different ways. Environmental Fire; the roaring wild fires in California. Political Fire; explosions and unrest in the Middle East. Gun Fire; manifested in various unfortunate shootings and explosions. Financial Fire; with a new monetary value rising 1700%. Man Made Fire; this kind of fire being the most culturally transforming fire of all. The one taking place in Hollywood, the media and Capitol Hill. These and more, are signs of change in energy patterns for 2018; the year of the Yang Earth Dog. The end of the year is when energies are birthing and come in strong. These events and the threat of nuclear attack appears that we are headed towards trying times. However, they are...


Why I don’t use “Traditional Cures”

The Chinese and Lunar New Year starts February 16th. There will be celebrations all around the world. The traditional Dragon and Lion dance will be honored at this time. Some of the things I hear a lot during this time of the year : I already placed my Wu Lou, or golden calabash I am wearing red for the Chinese New Year, including new red undergarments My lucky coin charms are in place I moved my dragon figurines to the … Where should I place my money frog? Where do these beliefs come from? The golden calabash is suppose to ward off illness. Red is suppose to be an activating color for good luck and so are beautifully woven coin charms. Dragons are a powerful and mythical figures...


The Best Feng Shui Cure for 2018

The biggest celebration and the start of a new lunar year has begun. The Chinese New Year started Friday February 16th. Statistics indicate that over 385 million people travel during this entire week. This is over 7 times the equivalent of our Thanksgiving travel in the US! 2018 marks the arrival of the Yang Earth Dog. This new cycle comes with a shift of energy represented by a new element and a new animal. Each one represents an energy code. The shift influences our space, the quality of our thoughts and our daily actions - whether we realize it or not. Every space has good and bad energies: Using Classical Feng Shui can help us assess the good and the bad energies of the year. Assess whether our space can...