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Increasing Your Personal Magnetism

The month of March is called Peach Blossom in Chinese Astrology. Peach Blossom enhances attraction and popularity. It is a feature that is inherent in everyone's chart and can be used to attract friends, fans and people of the opposite sex. We are all born with inherent gifts and talents. Although we are different individuals, we still yearn to be among those that people feel comfortable around and to share some interests with. The quality of our relationships in life determines the degree of health, hardship and wealth we can attract in our life. What if there is a way to enhance your relationships? What if there is a code within your natal chart that has not been activated? You can activate this energy on your home too. Tapping and activating this energy...


How to Increase Your Chances for Success

“Lady Luck” as luck is called sometimes, seems to be elusive. Many people say that they have achieved what they have because they got “lucky”. However, in the system of Chinese Metaphysics luck is a form of energy. Good or bad luck, depends on your point of view and the energy forces that are aligned at the moment. Four Leaf Clover: A symbol of luck In Chinese Metaphysics, this so called “Luck” can be anticipated in times, days, months, years and cycles. We are all wired differently, how we see luck depends on our mindset. Here are some lucky quotes; “Luck is unattainable” mindset: “Luck always seems to be against the man who depends on it" anonymous Part of ushering luck is preparation. You cannot expect to succeed consistently if you have not taken...


The Rise of Female Heros

Movies have the power to stimulate and influence our thinking. Movies set trends. There has been an increasing trend featuring strong women. Having women as heroes is a trend that has been happening for the last few years in Star Wars and Disney movies. Movies are a subtle way to inspire and empower young girls to balance our masculine society. The future belongs to period 9. It is about young women making a difference. The current period is 8 which started in 2004. A younger generation of men made an enormous difference in the knowledge and technological fields changing the way our society operates. The information age exploded. This was due to the innovation and creativity of young men. Making them the world’s youngest billionaires as this magazine article explains. As the...


What is Your Element and What does it Say About You?

The Five Elements are the building blocks of Nature and the Universe. Most cultures have a version of it, as written on this article Not all elements are the same. Western Astrology has 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Earth. Chinese Astrology has 5: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. How do the 5 elements apply to an individual? Fire Element Fire - Symbolized by the Sun. It is always giving, it nurtures life. Having the Sun in your chart means you like having a schedule. Having a system is beneficial for you.   At certain times, the Sun can overheat. Tempers flair and if strong enough, can consume a whole village         Earth Element Earth - Is a Mountain, it is the source of all life. All things exist on Earth. Having Earth in your chart means...