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The Power of 3

Sports teaches us the power of teamwork and so much more. Discipline, perseverance, community, celebration, tenacity… The Power of 3 Last Thursday, the NBA got a new champion, the Toronto Raptors. This was a huge victory for the team and for the country. Our friend commented that this was the first time this Canadian team won the championship. According to this article, the work of 3 players gave this team additional power they needed to win. The power of 3 is used everywhere. It is the Trinity, the Rule of Three, the Triangle, the Tripod, the Trifecta. The number 3 is the smallest number needed to create a pattern. For example, a couple becomes a family after they have a baby. A bond of 2 people is the start but the third solidifies it. The number...


Digging can Destroy Your Feng Shui

Digging is an activity that can throw your Feng Shui out of balance. Digging in the wrong area disturbs the Earth's energies which can result in negative consequences. Every space has a Yin and Yang. Optimum energy is positive and Yang. This is what we need to tap into on a daily basis in order to raise our vibration, our health and our actions. When the energy of our space/home is negative, it affects every area of our life. Because it is the “container” that we live in. Can a fish thrive in dirty or stagnant water? If the energy is compromised or low, we can experience low mental or physical energy, an increase in negative emotions, disharmony in our relationships, loss of revenue and health. Every year and every month...


Your Natal Chart is Your Medicine

In Chinese Metaphysics every organ represents an emotion and an element. When we get sick, it is often because our body is out of balance. Balance is about maintaining optimum health. It is a process. The 5 elements in the Chinese Metaphysical system, is the foundation that helps us make better choices for our health. They are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water Your Natal Chart is Your Medicine WOOD. Ingesting too many toxins can damage the liver. Toxins in beverages, alcohol and over processed foods over time can change the quality of your health. Those with very little wood element in the natal chart can be more susceptible to liver damage. Tip: Add fresh local or organic vegetables to your diet. FIRE. Heart & Brain issues are the disease of modern lifestyle....