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The Basics of Bed Placement – Part 1

In Feng Shui, the bedroom is one of the top three areas of importance. The other two are the entrance of your home and the kitchen. Sleeping is rest for your physical body, as well as rejuvenation for your soul. When the body sleeps, so does the ego. If your body is not in proper alignment with the energy available to us, we will not feel rested. Sleeping restfully is as important as eating well and breathing. To me, the cool months mean sleeping, and sleeping = healing! Here are some of the key considerations for the basics of good rest through bed placement. Bed Location:- It should not be placed on a common wall with the bathroom toilet or stairway, it will slowly drain your energy. -Do...


The Basics of Bed Placement – Part 2: personalizing your bed location.

The bed is such an important part of our everyday life. We spend nearly one third of our lives sleeping. While we sleep our bodies get needed rest and nourishment. The quality of our sleep affects our health. The quality of sleep depends in part on the position and location of our bed. Following some simple Feng Shui guidelines will insure that you are protected while you sleep and aligned with your beneficial directions. Not sleeping in your best position or directions can result in sleepless and restless nights.The resulting effects can be felt as your health slowly deteriorates. Your body no longer functions optimally, which can then influence your studies or career and other aspects of your life. One of the best positions for your...


The Basics of Bed Placement – Part 3: Real Life example

In Part 1 of The Basics of Bed Placement we discussed the very basics, the do's and the don'ts of bed location, the type of headboard and the height of the bed. In Part 2 we went deeper into Feng Shui through the use of a very accurate formula from the compass school of Feng Shui. This formula helps us personalize our space by finding our best direction. Today we'll take these basic principles and apply them to a consultation. I had a consultation with a couple who wanted to enhance their relationship, health and career. The couple were empty nesters and young grandparents who had enjoyed many great years together. After analyzing their home and questionnaire, I realized that the problem was due to the furniture...


Applying the Five Element Theory

The Five Element Theory is one of the cornerstones of Classical Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics. In addition to the Five Element Theory, a practitioner creates balance by using the Yin and Yang Theory, the Bagua and the Lo Shu Square. There is a symbiotic relationship between the Five Element Theory and colors when it comes to personalized Feng Shui. We are all drawn to certain colors and shapes because that is a reflection of who we are. The Five Elements Theory symbolize the natural rhythm and flow of the universe that is inherit and reflected on our planet. By practicing the same rhythm within our homes, we can achieve balance. When we are in tune with our nature and who we are, we use the...