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The Mystery of the Buried City

Trees are living beings and have cycles of life just like we do. They contribute to the oxygen on the planet and so much more. We recently had a chance to hear a dramatic example of what happens without them. Did you hear about a town that is buried in sand? It is known as Michigan's most famous ghost town. On a recent visit to Saugatuck Michigan, we learned about a town that is buried in the sand. The name of this town is Singapore. At its height in 1836, it was a hub of activity. A progressive town with 3 mills, 2 hotels, general stores, 2 banks and Michigan's first school house. Hard times hit Singapore in 1842 when a 40 day blizzard hit. The town was...


Why practice good Feng Shui?

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being at the wrong place at the wrong time….. over and over again? A client and first time mom related her very challenging pregnancy to me recently. During her second trimester, her left leg started to turn purple. At first, her husband did not see this as a problem. She was in a lot of pain and after speaking to the doctor, she was told to go to the emergency room. She waited for 4 hours before being treated because her chart was overlooked. Her small frame hid the pregnancy well. She was finaly admitted to the hospital and during the stay, the nurse overdosed her on blood thinner. When she was ready to give birth, she was ignored about having contractions....


The Secret Ingredient to Living a Balanced Life

We live in a society that has forgotten to be creative. Instead of relying and cultivating our creative responsibilities, we react to circumstances. Reacting to situations has become an unconscious habit for most of us. We become reactive to the daily news, traffic and people. We spend time and resources on activities that do not serve our higher purpose. When we react ...


What is DIN-DIN?

Is Feng Shui a myth? I met James and his fiance Wendy at a networking event. After we introduced ourselves, their ears perked up when I shared what I did. This couple is all about doing things now. The term Din-Din is their family phrase that means: Do-It-Now, Do-It-Now. During their Feng Shui consultation, we took action. We moved James’s desk and re-configured his office from top to bottom. I aligned James’s desk to his beneficial energies while following good flow. His office was re-configured to mirror his goals. Whatever was not in alignment with his goals was removed. James loves music and that picture of Jimi Hendrix had to go elsewhere. Instead, a motivational picture he already had, took center stage. Wendy’s office was beautifully furnished, but clutter always found...