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Are you a boiling frog?

The premise is that, if a frog is placed in tepid water that is brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive danger and will be cooked to death. On the other hand, if the frog is suddenly placed into boiling water, it will jump out. A real life story. Sandie’s previous home “almost killed her”. She never felt quite right in this home. Depression had set in after her best friend died. She lost 22 lbs in 2 months. She always felt bad at home. Doctors could not find what was wrong with her. The process was painful and isolating. She decided that she was not going to let circumstances take her down. Sandie took matters into her own hands. At the age of 70, she made a...


Young Women on the Rise

I have always loved movies. They have the power to stimulate and influence our thinking. Movies set trends in society. Recently, there has been an increasing trend featuring strong women. Having women as heroes in their chosen field is definitely a trend we will be seeing more often. The future belongs to period 9. It is young women’s turn to make a difference. This period is about the element of fire. Fire is the element of transformation. We are already seeing the fall of old patterns, systems and ways of being that don’t serve the common good. Instead, we’ll continue to see new developments aimed to help each other while making better use of our natural resources. Fire element rules the heart and the eyes. It is a call to become more authentic. The Yang and the...


The Secret to Creating a Good Life

Every year, there is an energy shift that is marked by the coming of a new zodiac animal. This shift is part of the natural ebb and flow of life. In our vibrational world, there is constant change and shift in energy. In order to optimize our life experience, it is important for us to know how to flow with this shift. Knowing what the changes are and what to do with the shift of energies is the secret to a good life. The Flying Star method maps out the changes of energy according to planetary shifts. This energetic map shows the energies in every sector of the space. The energetic qualities are recorded with numbers. They are simply designed to look like a tic tac toe chart with...


What do these Thought Leaders have in common?

The first snow is pristine, a welcome sign of winter. In Chinese Metaphysics, November is the first month of winter. Water is at its peak. The element of water is essential to our life. Our adult bodies are about 60% water. Earth is about 71% water. Without water, there is no life. The element of water is essential in nature. Those that have an abundance of water in their Astrological chart usually rise to prominence. Provided they do their work. The element of water represents thought and intelligence. The following list shows the percentage of water in the chart of some of the thoughtful leaders of our time. - Pope Francis - 86% , Head of the Roman Catholic Church. Sovereign of the Vatical City. First Jesuit Pope, first from the Americas, first from the Southern...