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The Gift of Rejection

A couple and small business owners were very excited! They found a space 3 times the size of their current space, for the same rent amount and in their neighborhood. I was curious. The space had been empty for a couple of years. After more probing, I leaned that the previous tenant’s business had failed and the owner had taken his life. That was a big red flag for me. I wanted to help with their new space and volunteered my knowledge numerous times but I never heard from them. I understood that this was not for me to get involved, but a lesson for me to learn from. I became observant and watched their life unfold. It has been 6 years. There has been more negative than positive results. Loss...


Sheng CHI and Sha CHI

Earlier this month, we spent a few days in Salt Lake City. I could not help but to admire this beautiful city. Nestled by beautiful mountains, it had a great feel to it. The area was clean, updated, not overly congested with lots of shops and restaurants. There are murals and creative paintings all around. The newspaper dispensing box became a work of art as well as the bike racks, blank building walls and side walks. This city has good CHI. What is Good CHI? See the video below. If you like this new video format, please post a comment or send me an email. The exterior environment has a bigger effect than the interior features. If you'd like to find more information, grab a copy of my collaborative book R.E.S.U.L.T.S. - Real...


6 Activites that Disrupt the Balance in your Home

Classical Feng Shui has a timing aspect. The timing coincides with cycles of time, the seasons and the year’s energy cycle. Good or bad, this can have an enormous and immediate effect. The first thing to do in order to maintain balance is to avoid negative effects. There are activities that disturb the bad Feng Shui of your home and can rob the good effects. In no particular order, some avoidance activities are; Renovating a house Moving into a home Moving furniture Installing artwork Neighbor’s activities Any negative outdoor features These activities can trigger negative energies that can bring unpleasant results. It is like waking up an angry giant… I explain each one in the following video. Have a great week! Veronica Montinola #ClassicalFengShuiTips ...


Why Your Feng Shui May not be Working

Does Feng Shui really work? My answer is, absolutely! There is a lot of confusion as to how Feng Shui works. I still get a skeptic look when I say what I do. The confusion comes from how the different schools approach the subject. There are 2 main versions: The American version known is currently known as B.S.E.B. B.S.E.B. means Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Founded in Berkeley, California in by His Holiness Professor Lin Yun. This version brought Feng Shui to the West. This knowledge spread like wildfire. A school was founded and has made many best selling authors. People were hungry for this information. We have professor Yun to thank for bringing this awareness to the West. The Asian version, known as Classical Feng Shui. This version goes deeper into Feng Shui knowledge. There are many levels and...