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Chinese Astrology

Stagos / Chinese Astrology

Based on the planetary movement and the constellations, this method of Chinese Astrology is called the FOUR PILLARS OF DESTINY

Let me introduce you to the Art and Science of Chinese Astrology.

Chinese Astrology is one of the oldest forms of astrology there is.
Some master teachers and texts date it as far back as 5000 years ago.

It all starts with the day you were born.

The day of your birth is encoded into 8 symbols and organized into 4 Pillars.
Your 4 Pillars of Destiny.

What’s unique about Chinese Astrology is that it is a holistic system.
Within it, there is a static part and a dynamic part.

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What Does Your Natal Chart Look Like?

Having your Natal Chart requires 4 pieces of information;

The YEAR you where born,



and the HOUR

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9 Steps for Creating Lasting Success


Your personal blueprint

based on Chinese Astrology

Your Natal Chart is your TRUE BLUEPRINT.

It is THE foundation for growth and transformation because it is based on WHO YOU truly ARE.

These series of videos explain how it is done based on the ancient Chinese Astrology Principles.

This method is highly effective and used today by some of the world’s top leaders, executives, entertainers, tycoons and people like you and me, to find solutions to everyday problems.

Once held as exclusive information and highly secretive,

it is available to all of us today.

Although this is an amazing system,

the most incredible gift is FINDING YOUR TRUE SELF .